1.      Preliminary Review of Energy Use:

              *  Utility data is collected and analyzed.

              *  Facility is benchmarked against similar buildings (if data exists)

              *  Existing building (baseline) energy load is identified

              *  Energy efficiency improvement potential is identified.


 2.    Site Assessment:

               *  Site data is collected

               *  Interviews with building staff to discuss building energy uses,

                   operating hours, thermostat settings, specific concerns.

               *  Visual inspection of building and key systems.


   3.     Energy and Cost Analysis:

               *  Energy and Cost Savings are analyzed

               *  Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM's) are prioritized according

                   to project and financial goals.

               *  Savings Estimates are generated


   4.    Completion of Audit Report:

               *  Findings are summarized

               *  Report is prepared

               *  Exit meeting with Owner to walk thru final report.

               *  Action plan is developed

Energy Surveys

We offer ASHRAE Level I/II energy analysis

for our clients.  

We can work independently for facility Owners, or partner with architectural firms,

general contractors, or design/build firms. 

We are also available to do

less expensive facility walkthru's

with a brief report on our energy saving ideas.

Energy Survey Process